Videos from the LifeStraw Launch in Lagos Nigeria

LifeStraw was launched in Nigeria on November 14, 2017 at The George Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. Participants came from the public and private sector. A lot of questions and concerns about the LifeStraw products were addressed at the Launch. Click here to read the previous report on the Launch.

Videos from the Launch have just been released. Click videos below to watch and listen to answers relating to product design, features, cost, distribution strategy and usability. The next LifeStraw Product Launch has been scheduled to place March 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria.

Ochuko Angela Ege, Partnerships Officer UNICEF Nigeria

In this clip, design, relevance and cost were discussed. LifeStraw does not filter oil. Concerns about water purity after long term use and questions about LifeStraw ability to remove bacteria, virus and protozoa were addressed. Also question about marketing strategy in Nigeria was adressed. Click picture to watch video or click here.

World Health Organization (WHO) Nigeria – Dr Tolu Arowolu

Questions addressed in this clip include provision of lifestraw to Internally Displaced People (IDP) Camps and issues of water and sanitation. Click picture to watch video or click here.

Lagos State Ministry of Environment - Engr Aderoju, Engr. Adepegba

Some of the questions that were addressed in this video clip were about design – Ability to provide hot and cold water; Urine and sewage purification. Click picture or click here to watch video

Lagos State Ministry of Education, Permanent Secretary Rep, Okiki Adegoke

Questions regarding partnerships with the public and private sectors; Issues of possible price wars that may arise across States and concerns of the use of plastic to manufacture the product were addressed.  Watch clip to view/listen to other issues that were addressed. Click picture to watch video or click here.

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