About Us

EKCEP is a transformative youth educational program that provides an avenue for teachers and children from developed countries and developing countries to work together in solving sustainability issues affecting continents.  Facilitates the knowledge and skill transfer of the need for diversity and inclusivity of cultures at the high school level before these students become adults, and transferring that ability becomes difficult. EKCEP aims to solve the following questions.

  1. How do we raise youth that will solve the sustainability problems of the present and the future?
  2. How do we transfer unbiased knowledge?
  3. How do we create solutions that are trans-boundary and consider cultures?
  4. How do we ensure that we do not tell single stories?

Our Goal:

To develop self-confidence within the students in understanding their role as Youths in aiding the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda and the SDGs and their connection to poverty alleviation, self-growth and increased wiliness to transfer and apply knowledge learnt in their communities.

Our Objectives:

  • Knowledge and culture transfer between students
  • It fosters  inclusivity and diversity in youths at the high sc
  • Encourage Innovation and entrepreneurship in the sustainability sector
  • Harness the potential in our Youths
  • Meet the basic human needs of the receiving communities via developed and implemented projects
  • Achieve the multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 


For instance, students from participating schools in North America (Canada) of a grade range are paired with students of a similar grade range in Africa (Nigeria) with a goal to work together to develop innovative ideas and projects that can solve sustainability issues affecting both continents. Their main interaction will be via the EKCEP portal. The portal is the gateway to the program, and it consists of series of engaging learning strategies that participants – Teachers and Students will have to complete to achieve the EKCEP objectives.

Program Breakdown:

EKCEP was developed based on Bloom’s theory of learning and literacies that include 21st Century Learning Skills, Global citizenship, Project-Based Learning and Design Thinking. The program with the intended outcome broken down into 3 phases

Travel Exchange

Participating students will have the option to travel to partnering school location once the COVID restricitions are lifted to furher expand their knowledge and showcase their projects.

Contact us at 1800 474 2650 ext 2 or send an email to info@environfocus.com for more information.