EKCEP is an avenue for teachers and children from developed countries (Canada) and developing countries  to work together in solving sustainability issues affecting both continents.  EKCEP aims to solve the following questions.

  1. How do we raise children that will solve the sustainability problems of the present and the future?
  2. How do we transfer knowledge that is unbiased?
  3. How do we create solutions that are trans-boundary and take cultures into consideration?
  4. How do we ensure that single stories are not told?


Our Objectives:

  • Knowledge and culture transfer between teachers and students
  • Encourage Innovation and entrepreneurship in the sustainability sector
  • Harness the potential in our Children
  • Achieve the various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via our projects



We will be working directly with educational institutions. Teachers and students from participating schools, of a particular grade, will be paired with teachers and students in the same grade in Canada with a goal to work together to birth new ideas and come up with innovative projects that can solve sustainability issues affecting both continents and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the process .


Why Schools Should Participate:

  • This is a trans-boundary program that will provide schools, teachers and their students with opportunities to showcase the quality of education their school provides and be recognized for it.
  • At the end of the year, participating teachers and students will be awarded Certificates and their innovations will be showcased internationally with funding opportunities for further research.
  • Participating teachers and students will be establishing new friendships and more opportunities to connect and learn about Canada and its people and vice versa.
  • The participating school will be participating in a program that will broaden their students’ mind and make them more innovative.
  • Participating students will be getting an education that will prepare them for an entrepreneurial path as an option
  • Participating students will be solving the sustainability problems of the present and the future and they will be doing their part to reduce our negative environmental impact on our world.
  • Participating school will be classified as a Big Picture School
  • The school will be designated an EnvironFocus Learning institution.